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15 Minute Cauliflower Carbonara with Dorot! (Paleo, Low Carb, Keto)

The Little Gems of The Freezer Isle

I use A LOT of garlic. At least three cloves in most of my meals. It’s a hassle. For some reason, no matter if I just cleaned the kitchen and/or the floor, prepping garlic and herbs for my meals is like instant disaster. How can these tiny, tasty little things get EVERYWHERE?!?!?! Seriously, it blows my mind. Anyway, enter DOROT!

When I got the email to work with them I was delighted, and then kind of perplexed that I hadn’t seen Dorot at my local Whole Foods before, especially since I frequent the frozen vegetable isle often to stock up on frozen cauliflower rice. Bonus they’re giving you a $1.00 off coupon! 

My Little Helper

I recruited my toddler to help me on this mission. He loves going to Whole Foods! Ha! I have him well trained. He was so excited when we found the bright red Dorot Packages, and especially loved that the little squares reminded him of his Lego’s!

Jack helped me grab one of each of the Dorot packages from the freezer isle. Garlic, Basil, Ginger & Cilantro. All things I use ALL THE TIME. SCORE! Apparently they look really appetizing because he tried to eat the basil squares in the middle of the isle. I assured him I had delicious plans for them.


As we went through the store to gather a few more items for dinner that night, my mind buzzed with ideas of quick weeknight meals that would be further facilitated by Dorot. I have a gym class on Monday & Wednesday nights. Those nights I really have to make dinner early and fast to leave the boys food while I workout, and to have something waiting for me when I get back. I  grabbed some frozen cauliflower rice… I think the combination of these two items would be the ticket to a no prep dinner the whole family would love.

From Prep To Plate In 15 Minutes!

Boy was I right! That night I made this quick Cauliflower Rice Carbonara. A creamy, super garlicky dish with bacon and a fresh egg yolk. From prep to plate in fifteen minutes flat! I started by heating a skillet on medium heat. When it was hot I added some chopped bacon. When the bacon was crispy, I drained the fat out of the pan and added in FOUR TO SIX Dorot Garlic Squares (equivalent to four to six cloves!).  Not only did it save me the time of peeling and mincing, but the sweeping up for tons garlic peels all over my kitchen and floor.  I made it to my gym class on time. Everyone was fed. The food was great. Everybody wins. Thanks to Dorot!


Yields 3-4 servings

Paleo Cauliflower Carbonara

5 minPrep Time

10 minCook Time

15 minTotal Time

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  • 3-4 cups of frozen riced cauliflower
  • 8 slices bacon
  • 6 cubes Dorot garlic cubes (equivalent to 6 garlic cloves, you may use less garlic if you're a vampire)
  • 1 tbsp dried Italian Herb seasoning
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup cashew creamer (or other nut milk, but add a tbsp of arrowroot or cassava flour to thicken the mix)
  • 2-3 egg yolks (1 per serving)


  • Heat a large skillet on medium heat.
  • Use a sharp knife or kitchen sheers to cut bacon int 1/2 inch pieces.
  • When the skillet is hot, add the bacon to the skillet.
  • Cook, stirring occasionally until the bacon is mostly crispy, about 6 minutes.
  • Carefully drain SOME of the rendered bacon fat out of the skillet (save for something else).
  • Pop in 4-6 Dorot garlic cubes. Stir well until the garlic begins to brown.
  • Add in the cauliflower rice, salt and dried herbs.
  • Stir well until rice is thawed out and any liquid it released evaporated.
  • Add in the cashew creamer (or whisk in milk and tbsp of flour).
  • When it begins to simmer, in a minutes or so, it will thicken quickly, stir well until well combined and creamy.
  • Serve while hot.
  • Top each serving with a fresh egg yolk and mix in. The hot cauliflower risotto with cook the raw yolk.
  • The result is a delicious, creamy dish that everyone will love.
  • No fuss, no grains, no dairy. Garnish with fresh herbs. I love basil on it!


If you don't like cauliflower use zoodles instead. For zoodles, add them in at the end. Cook the bacon with the garlic and herbs. Add in the cashew cream and make a thick sauce. Add in the zoodles at the very end. Toss lightly in sauce and serve.

*Remember to zoodles and salt your zucchini prior to using to they don't release too much fluid into your dish.

other Dorot products (cilantro, basil & ginger) contain corn starch, please read labels if you have any food allergies. The garlic however does not contain any corn or grain


Everyone needs a little help in the kitchen, let Dorot help you! Get your $1.00 off coupon here! 


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6 Thoughts to “15 Minute Cauliflower Carbonara with Dorot! (Paleo, Low Carb, Keto)”

  1. Erika
    I can't get Dorot here in Australia. How many cloves of garlic should I use?
    1. Each square equates to one clove of garlic. So 4-6 cloves, depending on your love of garlic :)
  2. Nanci
    I used to use them until I found that at that time they used soy oil..... very allergic to it :(
    1. Nanci, maybe they changed the recipe, all of the ones I purchased only list canola oil.
  3. YES, YES, ALL the yes!!!! Gave up kitchen control and my husband chose your recipe out of a stack I had. The yolk to mix in at the end? Perfection. Featured here,
    1. Yaaaassss!!!! Made my day! Thank you!

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