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Tin Star Recipe Round Up (and GIVEAWAY!)

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I cook a lot with ghee. Specifically Tin Star. Their product is supirior. It’s made in small batches, from pastured cows. It’s tested, so you know it’s lactose and casein free. What does that mean? It means that for MOST people with dairy intolerance, this ghee and brown butter are safe. I know they are for me! Super bonus, the flavor is unmatched!

Brown Butter Banana Choco Chip Muffins, Gutsy By Nature 


Paleo Lemon Butter Chicken: Jays Baking Me Crazy 



Pumpkin Ravioli In Herbed Brown Butter,  The Family That Heals Together 


Bay Leaf Panna Cotta with Brown Butter Caramel Sauce & Roasted Cherries, The Castaway Kitchen

panna cotta cherries caramel

Baked Buffalo Wings, Jays Baking Me Crazy


Brown Butter Blondes, The Family That Heals Together 


Plum & Prosciutto Chicken, The Castaway Kitchen


Roasted Lemon Crispy Beef, The Castaway Kitchen 

roasted lemon

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