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Thirty Five LOW CARB PALEO Recipes To Help You Thrive



It’s finally here. After months of recipe development and weeks of editing, I am proud to present my first e-book to you!

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What’s inside?

35 recipes exclusive to the book, you won’t find these online….

Six breakfast recipes, from sweet to savory, light to hearty, with non-egg options to boot!

Seventeen entrees! All of them delicious, nutrient dense and low carb. Lot’s of easy great weeknight meals and some more involved extra creative recipes! 

Three pressure cooker recipes to help you get the most out of your appliance! Bonus, my tips to prep spaghetti squash in a pinch.

Six sides, boasting two of my favorite meal prep salads and an old family recipe! 

Three squeaky clean treats so you can “cheat clean” but feel like you’re really indulging. Including my “better than the real thing” Key Lime Cheesecake! 

All this for ONLY $5.50!

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