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Naked Crispy Chicken Taco (Whole30, Low Carb/Keto, Paleo)

Cinco De Mayo I used to be huge on 5 de Mayo…maybe because it involved a lot of tequila and dancing. What can I say? There was a Senor Frogs in the neighborhood. But really, I spent a lot of time in Mexico as a kid, my grandmother’s best friends from Cuba married a Mexican man and they lived in Guadalajara. We spend several summers visiting them. So I’m quire aware of the fact that 5 de Mayo is  bigger deal in the US. Which is cool. I mean, we…

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Caramelized Butternut Squash Soup with Avocado Cream

I have never been a soup person. I always preferred to chew my food, despite the fact that my mother made amazing soups. Seriously. I have talked about this before, her killer home cook skills that eventually pushed her to open a restaurant. What started out as a little hole in the wall with two tables, is now a full scale farm to table cafe, thriving, now celebrating nine years of success. Cool, right? Well, one of the things Green Gables Cafe is famous for are the soups! They still…

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Grilled Sweet Potato Toast Loaded Burger

My air conditioning has been broken for three days. THREE days. Today they came to fix it, but no, they need another part and a three hour appointment to fix it. So, we’re cooking in here. Literally. It’s consistnely between 85-89 degrees in my house. I’ve been on a cooking strike. But I broke it for this beauty. Technically  I grilled it, all of it, so I still haven’t turned on my stove. Pre-Brands Grass Fed Beef sent me some product to play around with, and a fried egg burger…

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Ribbons & Bacon Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet Potato Toast Is The New Black Sweet potato toast are the new avocado toast… Didn’t you hear? HuffPostTaste said so… ok, that’s a self serving link, as they featured my Mahi Loaded Toast in it 🙂 Yeah, I guess it’s debatable if these crunchy sweet potato rounds topped with yummy things are even “toasts” but the way I see it, who cares what it’s called, it’s delicious. Also, if calling it toast makes it “okay” to eat with my hands… it’s freaking toast. Who doesn’t love finger foods amiright!?!…

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