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Arroz Con Pollo (AIP, Whole30, Paleo, Keto)

Fiesta! Growing up our house was always the family hub. Maybe because my mom of her other sister’s was the only one who had more than one kid, and therefore an already bustling household… or because of her love of hosting, cooking and entertaining. Whatever the reason, our house was the spot. All holiday and major events like baptism’s, graduations and birthdays were celebrated in our home. While all my aunts are talented cooks, each with their own signature dishes and areas of expertise, my mom always had her own…

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Indian Butter Chicken (Pressure Cooker, Whole30, Nightshade Free)

Do Comfort Food Renditions Have a Place on Whole30? This is a question I wrestle with every round. If the purpose of Whole30 is to separate food from emotion, then are these kind of meals now considered SWYPO (sex with your pants on, the Whole30 term for paleo-fied treats)? My logic tells me No. It’s in our nature to gravitate to what we know, so many of the most popular paleo and Whole30 recipes are healthy, compliant renditions of dishes from your pre-paleo or Standard American Diet days. Yet, I…

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Sweet Potato White Turkey Chili

Soup Weather, Smoop Weather The weather seems to be cooling down in most parts of the world. Not here, but somewhere I’m told. All the soups, fall leaves, scarves and pumpkin- apple everything fill my social media feed. It’s quite lovely. So I’m just  going to pretend that we have seasons here too. Even though eating a bowl of soup for lunch will probably give me the sweats, a girl can dream. This soup it totally worth the heat though. Luckily it makes a big batch because we had it…

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Smoked Parsley Meatballs (AIP!)

As you know, the Paleo AIP Instant Pot Cookbook came out this week. We’re all super stoked about it.                           Funny thing about me, actually, I think it’s a restaurant chef thing, we don’t cook from recipes often. Really, it’s a thing. While I should probably be cooking from this book all week to show off the awesome recipes… I’m more of an inspiration girl. Reading through this monster sized ebook my mind goes into overdrive with ideas….

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Fresh Fennel Shredded Chicken

I’m a Thigh Girl If you haven’t noticed yet, I lurv cooking chicken thighs in the pressure cooker. I think of all the things I can make in there, chicken thighs turn out best. I don’t like all meats shredded or soft. I’m a fan of crust, crisp and crunch. Things you can’t really achieve with the oh-so-useful electric pressure cooker. Pressure Cooker Easy Boneless, skinless chicken thighs however pull apart perfectly and then with a little reduction action, the liquid vanishes to a thick sauce and a little caramelizing…

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Cheesy Chicken & Zoodles (paleo, Whole30, AIP)

Paleo Meal Dreams Come True! This is one of those meals that is so clean and yet absolutely delicious, it’s comforting. Cheesy Chicken and Zoodles! It’s also magic. In the pot goes vegetables and chicken and when it’s done, shredded and lightly cooled… you have tender  meat in a thick, yellow, CHEESY sauce! Such a creation could only be paleo/AIP. Only those of us who know true food restrictions would venture to get this creative, to cook like magicians with electric cauldrons, hoping for the best. How can it be…

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Tastes Like Pie Chicken (pressure cooker)

Since I was gifted my spaceship, my Breville FastSlow Pro, making last minute meals has been a breeze. It’s an impressive looking machine and it makes all sorts of fun and often surpising noises. Hence it was dubbed the spaceship. One of my favorite foods to throw in there is chicken thighs. They lend themselves so well to saucy, pull apart kind of dishes. Pork, bone broth and rice too! This last minute inspiration came together because honestly I have pie on the mind. Ever since my fourth of July…

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Blood Orange Chicken (Pressure Cooker)

My mom sent me a beautiful pressure cooker- slow cooker- do it all space ship looking thing when I told her my CrockPot died mid bone broth. A super nice & generous early birthday present, the Breville Fast Slow Pro. Obviously first thing I made was bone broth. In two hours, perfect, ridiculously rich & aromatic broth that gels when chilled. Ok, enough about the machine, let’s talk about food. I bought a bag of blood oranges on sale at Whole Foods, for $6! Amazing right! They are however reallllyyy…

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