Talking Holistic Medicine, Autoimmune Health & Food with Dr. Isali Ben Jacob

Interview with Doctor Isali Ben-Jacob, Holistic Practitioner in Miami, FL Dr. Ben Jacob has treated my family for a number of health issues for many years. He is a trusted doctor and friend. I learned so much about what he does, and how he does it through this interview. The purpose for this interview was to give some insight in to holistic medicine. I know many of us are curious about seeing a holistic doctor or functional medicine practitioner but do not know where to begin.  I’m so grateful Dr….

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AIP Hidradentitis Suppurativa 

Coming out! Talking about my Hidradenitis Suppurativa & how AIP changed my life.

As of late I have been contemplating a lot about where I am. The last six months have been some of the most testing of my life. I have made enormous lifestyle changes. I have seen a lot of success, at times, and others were painfully frustrating- filled with relapses, flares and stand stills. Being a part of the online Autoimmune Paleo community has been one of my biggest comforts. Although, I don’t see my disease well represented in it- I know the reason… We, all of us who suffer…

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