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Keto Silver Dollar Pancakes (Dairy Free, Nut Free, Paleo)

  You guys.. you know I’ve been playing around with the idea of a Breakfast Recipe ebook! The good news is I have had lots of work lately, the bad news is, that work has put this ebook on the back burner… but I did share this Keto Silver Dollar Pancake recipe over at my friend Kydra’s blog; Peace Love and Low Carb! You can head to her page for the full recipe. LINK HERE. This one is a freaking masterpiece <3┬á Please follow and like us:400

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Cashew Creamer + Savory Cauliflower Cream + Savory Cashew Cream (cheese)

I’ve been working on a new cream sauces, mostly for my Breakfast Pot Pie recipe, but ultimately they can be used on ANY dish! I’ve come up with two variations, an AIP cauliflower cream & an activated cashew cream (which is safe for AIP reintros) as well as a cauliflower creamer (which is less cheeselike and unseasoned) perfect for baking, pancakes, coffee and cooking too! UPDATED TO INCLUDE CASHEW CREAMER! A SWEET TO SAVORY CREAMY MILK ­čÖé Cashew Creamer! While I love coconut milk and it was my go-to for…

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Don’t tell them it’s Paleo, Apple Pie

After Thanksgiving the neighbors decided to have a leftover potluck. Only thing was, I didn’t really have leftovers. I wanted to share some of the awesome pumpkin pie I made, but I had eaten the last piece (don’t judge). Really though, I wanted another stab at the crust, I felt adding a little more water would help with it not cracking. When I have an idea to better a recipe it will drive me insane until I can do it again. Luckily this “friendsgiving” along with some friends from the…

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Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Ever since I had my homemade ice cream “Aha Moment” I’ve vowed to never by the sugar laden, dairy bomb that is store bought. I mean, you NEVER feel good after digging in to some Ben & Jerry’s. Yesterday, July 5th… I was kind of hung over… okay, very. But since my Whole30 I have the tolerance of a 90lb freshman. Which could be a good thing right. Anywho… I didn’t want to eat much, but what I did want to eat as all the comfort food. All of it….

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Creamy Key Lime Chicken

This is a super healthy, easy to whip up meal! It’s savory & tangy, beautifully saucy.   Yields serves 4Creamy Key Lime Chicken10 minPrep Time 30 minCook Time 40 minTotal Time Save Recipe Print Recipe My Recipes My Lists My Calendar Ingredients5 chicken thighs1/2 cup coconut fat1/2 cup chicken stock1 small vidalia onion4 key limessalt + pepper1 tsp toasted coriander1 tsp oreganococonut oilInstructionsFirst season your chicken with spices & set aside.Slice onion and saute in a large skillet (that has a tight fitting lid) with coconut oil on medium heat….

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Paleo Caesar Salad (Dressing!)

Oh the Caesar salad… the Big Mac of salads… I say that because a traditional Caesar salad boasts a very high calorie count & it’s not that nutritionally dense. That is definitely not the case with the paleoized rendition! It’s a fantastic entree salad and will fill up even my “meat & potatoes” husband. The salad was composed of locally grown baby lettuce, avocado & free range chicken breast, seasoned with Flavor God Garlic Lover’s, sea salt & pepper. The croutons were replaced with crispy roasted parsnips, I tossed in…

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