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Savory Superfood Waffles

Why Savory? As most of you know I have been venturing in the very low carb ranks of paleo for quite some time. I’m starting to see results. I feel great. I avoid starchy vegetables and fruits. I steer clear of dairy, grains and gluten. I’ve even kicked the nuts out for a while… but I’ve kept some seeds. I don’t obesses about food all day. I enjoy fasting with my butter coffee until lunch. I have energy and I’m focused. For now, this is going well. I don’t think…

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15 Minute Cauliflower Carbonara with Dorot! (Paleo, Low Carb, Keto)

The Little Gems of The Freezer Isle I use A LOT of garlic. At least three cloves in most of my meals. It’s a hassle. For some reason, no matter if I just cleaned the kitchen and/or the floor, prepping garlic and herbs for my meals is like instant disaster. How can these tiny, tasty little things get EVERYWHERE?!?!?! Seriously, it blows my mind. Anyway, enter DOROT! When I got the email to work with them I was delighted, and then kind of perplexed that I hadn’t seen Dorot at…

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Cauliflower Rice Pilaf

Thanksgiving can often seem overwhelming for us. Us, the home cooks, the mamas, the papas, the spatula wielding, apron sporting, what’s the glob of dried food on my shorts, love to feed the masses kind of people. We’re the ones that are up first in the morning, making coffee and bacon to tempt the others out of bed. The ones that say “I got it” without giving it a second thought. The ones that feel more at home behind the warm glow of a stove than anywhere else. Yes. Us….

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Sushi Rice (Grain Free, Paleo, AIP)

Not all rice is created equally… I didn’t partake in cauliflower rice for a long time. It was one of those things, that to me, didn’t even come close to the real thing, so why bother. I love roasted cauliflower and cauliflower mash so why go through the hassle of grating it… because you know it always makes a mess. Welp… I digress. I was really missing sushi a few months ago, and Chosen foods had sent me chia seeds. Well, since I’ve done really well with introducing seeds back…

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Spinach & Mushroom Alfredo with Bacon!

Creamy sauces are bit of a conundrum in the nut free paleo world. What are we to use to soothe our need for cream, coconut? Yes it hits the spot with the sweets, but a cheesy like, savory sauce… enter cauliflower! What a versatile veg! Once the least favorite on the crudite plate, cauliflower has become the knight and shining vegetable of the paleo movement. From rice to pizza to .. you know, alfredo sauce, this crunchy, white cruciferous vegetable does it all! I made a cauliflower cream sauce that…

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Cashew Creamer + Savory Cauliflower Cream + Savory Cashew Cream (cheese)

I’ve been working on a new cream sauces, mostly for my Breakfast Pot Pie recipe, but ultimately they can be used on ANY dish! I’ve come up with two variations, an AIP cauliflower cream & an activated cashew cream (which is safe for AIP reintros) as well as a cauliflower creamer (which is less cheeselike and unseasoned) perfect for baking, pancakes, coffee and cooking too! UPDATED TO INCLUDE CASHEW CREAMER! A SWEET TO SAVORY CREAMY MILK 🙂 Cashew Creamer! While I love coconut milk and it was my go-to for…

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Perfect Cauliflower Rice!

24 hour marinated flanken rib (coconut aminos + peppercorn + Maui onion + sea salt), cooked on hot grill (3minutes each side). Served with my awesome cauliflower rice with sweet basil. Dinner, perfected. How to make amazing cauliflower rice: 1⃣ grate whole head of cabbage, stems too 2⃣ preheat oven to 350F 3⃣ mince 3 heads garlic 4⃣ whisk garlic with 2 tbsp chicken stock, 2 tbsp coconut oil & 1 tbsp sea salt 5⃣ toss cauliflower with garlic mixtures well, spread out flat and compact in a sheet pan…

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Sun Dried Tomato Bison Meatballs & Cauliflower Leek Mash

I love bison! It’s often more affordable than grass fed beef or free range chicken, and Bison is pretty much always sustainably farmed (i.e. free range, grass fed).Lower in fat & cholesterol than chicken & packed with protein, bison makes such a great meat to add to your diet. Paired with a vegalicious side like leek & cauliflower mash (and guacamole salad!). Boom. First, let’s make some meatballs: 1 lb ground bison 1 tbsp minced, hydrated sun dried tomato 1 tbsp Italian seasoning (thyme, rosemary, oregano, parsley) salt + pepper…

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Cauliflower Pizza! Pizza!

Who doesn’t love a cauliflower pizza! Especially with tomato-less marinara, pulled pork & chevere! This was great! This crust didn’t fall apart when I took it off the sheet pan, but it wasn’t super sturdy either. I’m always working on variations of this so I’ll keep ya’ll posted. For now… Try this one on for size 🙂 1 small cauliflower 1tbsp coconut flour 1tbsp arrowroot flour 1 drizzle olive oil 1 egg Salt, pepper Italian seasoning (Rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley) Grate cauliflower & squeeze the water out of it- I…

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