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Savory Superfood Waffles

Why Savory? As most of you know I have been venturing in the very low carb ranks of paleo for quite some time. I’m starting to see results. I feel great. I avoid starchy vegetables and fruits. I steer clear of dairy, grains and gluten. I’ve even kicked the nuts out for a while… but I’ve kept some seeds. I don’t obesses about food all day. I enjoy fasting with my butter coffee until lunch. I have energy and I’m focused. For now, this is going well. I don’t think…

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Confetti Turkey Burgers

Awwww Nuts! I finally got around to omitting nuts from my diet… again. Hopefully not permanently, but I’m checking to see if they are the culprit behind the lingering inflammatory symptoms I have. So for those of you who are paleo with nut sensitivities, play close attention in the next few weeks and my recipes will be totes friendly for you. Also… I might try and eat a tomato again. I feel like a farm fresh, organic tomato might be okay for me. I know peppers are still a no-go…

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Arroz Con Pollo (AIP, Whole30, Paleo, Keto)

Fiesta! Growing up our house was always the family hub. Maybe because my mom of her other sister’s was the only one who had more than one kid, and therefore an already bustling household… or because of her love of hosting, cooking and entertaining. Whatever the reason, our house was the spot. All holiday and major events like baptism’s, graduations and birthdays were celebrated in our home. While all my aunts are talented cooks, each with their own signature dishes and areas of expertise, my mom always had her own…

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20+ AIP Appetizers & Other Super Bowl Bites!

Just because you’re kicking ass at healing your body, doesn’t mean you can’t host a killer Super Bowl Party! In my opinion, the food is always the best part. Serve up these goodies and your guests won’t even notice they’re chowing down on some healing bites while enjoying the big game. *I’m pretty sure I checked every recipe for compliance or at least a compliant option. If I missed something, it’s ok, I’m human, just use your best judgement. Thanks!    Pan Fried Apricot & Tuna Salad Bites   Mango Glazed…

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Tom Yum Kung (Paleo, Whole30, AIP friendly)

Soup Day I set out to re-photograph my AIP Mahi Mahi Chowder … then realized I couldn’t use coconut milk because  the folks I was cooking for have a coconut allergy and then I just made a whole other soup. I think it’s so good though. A great AIP friendly option, which hey, leave out the cashew cream or add coconut milk if you want. It’s a soup kind of day around here. Crazy winds and rain. Crazy politics and I need to stay off of Facebook because I’m learning…

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Hidden Veggie Beef Patties with Butternut Buns (AIP, Whole30, Paleo)

Wee- Morning Writing You’ll have to excuse me. This post might be a little low energy, but its about 5:30 am here and I haven’t had coffee. I’m a little jet lagged from my trip and I woke up really early, but skipped the coffee because I need to take my morning supplements on an empty stomach. You see, during my recent trip home I went to see my integrative medicine doctor. I was finally fed up with my conventional (military) healthcare as it wasn’t helping me. I had started…

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New Year, New Goals: Recipe Round Up (Whole30 + AIP + Meal Prep)

Happy New Year Folks! I know most of you are gearing up to do Whole30’s or start your Autoimmune Protocols this month. That’s fantastic! I just did one in December… I’m all about THE RESET. The clean slates, the fresh starts and the beginning of extraordinary journey’s. My own healing story started with a Whole30… and almost two years later, with my autoimmune disease near remission,  42lbs lighter, stronger, happier and thriving… I also have this blog. When you begin to take care of yourself and really pay attention to…

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Delicata Squash Super Gyro Sliders

Because we have to eat between now and Thanksgiving… So, I made you something.  This. Holy moly. This. The perfect combination of fall meets summer bbq. Perfect for gameday. Perfect for putlucks. Succulent, beef patties loaded up with AIP compliant Primal Palate Super Gyro seasoning ( a blend of: Pink Himalayan Salt, Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme & Garlic) and bacon fat. Stacked up on a roasted delicata squash ring with mashed avocado, cilantro and bacon. Pretty no fail if you ask me. Want to sweeten the deal even more? This whole…

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Smoked Parsley Meatballs (AIP!)

As you know, the Paleo AIP Instant Pot Cookbook came out this week. We’re all super stoked about it.                           Funny thing about me, actually, I think it’s a restaurant chef thing, we don’t cook from recipes often. Really, it’s a thing. While I should probably be cooking from this book all week to show off the awesome recipes… I’m more of an inspiration girl. Reading through this monster sized ebook my mind goes into overdrive with ideas….

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Jack Pie

Now that the summer months are almost a memory, as the weather begins to cool down it’s time for those hearty, oven recipes! This Jack Pie, lovingly named so after my son is delicious! I shared this recipe when I hosted the Whole30 Instagram forever ago and it’s been a hit. I thought I’d give it it’s proper home on the blog. Why Jack? Well, it’s a Shepherd’s pie type dish with Cuban flavors… So half Irish, half Cuban,  like my son. Bonus this version is a one skillet wonder….

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