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New Year, New Goals: Recipe Round Up (Whole30 + AIP + Meal Prep)

Happy New Year Folks!

I know most of you are gearing up to do Whole30’s or start your Autoimmune Protocols this month. That’s fantastic! I just did one in December… I’m all about THE RESET. The clean slates, the fresh starts and the beginning of extraordinary journey’s. My own healing story started with a Whole30… and almost two years later, with my autoimmune disease near remission,  42lbs lighter, stronger, happier and thriving… I also have this blog. When you begin to take care of yourself and really pay attention to what you put into your body… it often has a positive effect on other areas of your life too. Positive vibes spread yo!

Here is a round up of the most popular and my favorite Whole30 and AIP recipes on this blog! Also stay tuned to the newsletter… Meal Prep videos coming soon (fingers crossed, next week

Let’s start with the proteins!

Turkey Burgers: zoodle, mango, basil * Great for meal prep!








40 Minute Indian Butter Chicken (pressure cooker recipe, makes 6 portions)








Pumpkin Sage Mini Meatloaves *Great for meal prep, AIP friendly! 











Roasted Lemon Crispy Beef * Great for meal prep, AIP friendly!










Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken with Plum *Easily made AIP, a lovely option for a nice dinner.







Cuban Spice Chicken Breasts *Great for meal prep and easy peasy! 









Creamy Keylime Chicken *AIP friendly, easy and oh so delicious! 










Pear Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Chicken (with pesto recipe) *Great for meal prep and AIP friendly!












Saucy Tamarind Shrimp *AIP friendly and a great dish if you’re entertaining, fancy without the fuss! 











Soups & Casseroles

White Turkey Chili *Great for meal prep and AIP friendly! 








Caramelized Butternut Squash Soup, absolutely luxurious, AIP friendly! 









Creamy Garlic Rosemary Soup *Great for meal prep and AIP friendly! 








True Cod Chowder *Squeaky clean, easy and AIP compliant! 







15 minute Mahi Mahi Chowder, a flexible, easy recipe for a quick meal in a pinch, AIP compliant! 

Roasted Cabbage Head Stuffed with Beef, AIP friendly! 









Tuna Zoodle Casserole, the most popular recipe on the blog! Great for meal prep and low carb! 

Creamy Beef & Rice Casserole *Great for meal prep and the perfect dish for a potluck! 







Sides & Salads

Caramelized Sweet Potato *Great for meal prep, AIP friendly! 











Rustic Roasted Vegetables *flexible and great for meal prep, AIP friendly! 









Vampire Slayer Sweet Potato Mash *Great for meal prep, flexible and oh so delicious! 









Paleo Yuca Flatbread *SWYPO but Totes AIP and 100% vegetable based, no flour… so the cleanest paleo bread out there! 

Low Carb Zucchini Fritters (can you say BRUNCH!?) 







Sticky Cauliflower Rice *Great for meal prep (and sushi!) AIP compliant! 










Salad Combination Ideas, make ahead and store in jars!

Romaine, spinach, halved grapes, pecans, basil or mint

Spinach, arugula, berries, bacon, avocado

Lettuce, avocado, cilantro

Shredded cabbage, lettuce, shaved carrots, cilantro, mint, cucumber

Chicken Salad with green beans, herbs and pecans! A winner! 

Sauces & Dressings

One Minute, Perfect Mayo! *Great for meal prep, and you’ll need it for a bunch of recipes 







Pesto-Churri Super Green Sauce *Great for meal prep & put on all things good! 

Easy Caesar Salad Dressing- Whole30! 








Apple Cider Vinaigrette *Great for meal prep, simple and AIP compliant! 









Creamy Mustard Sauce, great for stir fry! 








Cashew Creamer, Cashew Cream Cheese and AIP Cauliflower Cream Cheese  (all are Whole30 compliant!)









Alright ya’ll this round up should cover all your needs for a month of clean eating. From coffee to sauces to packed lunches!

Below are on-the-go snacks that are Whole30 approved and/or AIP compliant!

AIP compliant, but not Whole30*

Whole30 Compliant



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  1. Tarah
    Awesome roundup!! Thank you for taking the time to put this together :)
    1. Thank you! Rock that Whole30!

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