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BLSS Salad: Bacon Lettuce Strawberry Salmon (Paleo, Whole30, Keto)

Versitile This is my ideal meal. All day, every day I would eat this combination of fresh, crunchy and creamy! More so than the bouquet of flavors in this salad, I love how versitile it is. You can serve it as an entree meal, it’s the perfect pot luck salad and it would accompany egg dishes beautifully among a brunch spread. It also makes a killer jar salad! Add the ranch dressing first, then your salmon, follolowed by the bacon, berries and greens. Close the lids and store away some…

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Grilled Octopus (Mediterranean Style)

The Inspiration Octopus is one of those sea creatures that just looks other worldly, so mysterious and alien like. It’s also in the “I only eat it when I go out” categories… or rather it was. The thing this octopus is that if not prepared correctly it can be very, VERY CHEWY. Even at many restaurants it is poorly made, after a horrible octopus experience I avoided it for a long time. Until I went to lunch with my father at a really nice Greek restaurant in Miami. These days…

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Turmeric Parm Chicken, Kale & Zoodle Salad with Greek Vinaigrette

Inspiration SpoonForkBacon blog shared a roasted chickpea and kale salad with tahini dressing the other day, and piles of Parmesan on top… not going to lie… it got me jonesing for some cheese. I steer clear of lactose, but most aged or hard cheeses are lactose free… so technically I could eat cheese all the time. I don’t though, I don’t want to open the flood gates, lol… you know what I’m talking about it! So… I indulge every now and then. Lactose? I looked this up, lactose is the…

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Warm Kale Bacon Salad with Apple Pecan Vinaigrette

I’ve been really thinking about fall salads lately. The kind of warm, delicious salad that would compliment a Thanksgiving spread. Growing up Cuban our Thanksgivings were far from traditional, usually boasting pork, rice and beans or sorts… along with a turkey! But now, my spread will be different in another way. Sure sweet potato mash will make a cameo, of course I’ll have a succulent bird, and my super healthy pumpkin pie… but paleo-fied recipes for stuffing, green bean casserole are so time consuming, and I know the rest of…

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Thirty Five LOW CARB PALEO Recipes To Help You Thrive

  It’s finally here. After months of recipe development and weeks of editing, I am proud to present my first e-book to you! What’s inside? 35 recipes exclusive to the book, you won’t find these online…. Six breakfast recipes, from sweet to savory, light to hearty, with non-egg options to boot! Seventeen entrees! All of them delicious, nutrient dense and low carb. Lot’s of easy great weeknight meals and some more involved extra creative recipes!  Three pressure cooker recipes to help you get the most out of your appliance! Bonus,…

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Ahi Tuna, Mint & Strawberry Salad

I started my third Whole30 yesterday! I truly love Whole30’s. Although most of my meals are whole foods, I do have a weak spot for paleo-fied treats. I know some people can eat them all the time & feel their best. That’s not me. Whole30’s bring me back to being satisfied with simpler, cleaner meals. This Whole30 I’m focusing on nutrient density, I am using cronometer (thanks Eileen!) to track my nutrients, In 2 days, I’ve already noticed  that I’m not eating enough calcium & iron. Also, that I need…

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Breakfast Cobb Salad

My mother was always famous for her salads. So much so, that her first restaurant was called Yerba Buena, which translates to Good Grass… it’s also the Spanish name for peppermint, the herb used to make Mojitos! It was the perfect name for her cafe. In my house salads were lush, colorful & flavorful. I only wish I had learned to appreciate them earlier in life. Like most things I know how to do, I learned the anatomy of a salad from my mother. This breakfast salad is beautifully composed…

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Elimination Diet, AIP

As of late I haven’t been feeling too well. I get a very hopeless feeling when my diet is healthy, I’m still active and I still don’t feel ok. I feel fatigued, swollen, my HS flares up like crazy. I get angry, confused and to an extent, jealous of my all the people I know that can eat whatever they want, that eat crap, and still feel great. But then I take a deep breath…. an very looooonnngg, deeeeepppp breath and remember that feeling those things is counter productive and…

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Plantain Biscuits

Tonight, after a very expensive trip to Whole Foods, and the need to justify the obscene prices of groceries I made some fancy food 🙂 With a lovely salad of baby greens, avocado & chorizo with balsamic reduction & small batch olive oil… I whipped up some plantain biscuits! I attempted these a few months ago, but didn’t add the egg, after playing around, and successfully making plantain pancakes … I decided to go for it! Lo’ and behold… success! These were great, fluffy & reminded me of cornbread. The…

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Salmon & Sweet Potato Cakes

There’s something about fish being fishy that really puts me off. Yet, I consider my self a fish lover. I will often order it when we go out, I love ceviche & sushi- but at home I’m weird about it. So I don’t often make it. I scored some wild caught salmon at a good price… what to do with it? I hate making meals that leave me feeling meh… then inspiration hit! Salmon cakes over salad… sweet potato & salmon cakes… and I’ll make a chive aioli… with poppy…

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