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Savory Superfood Waffles

Why Savory? As most of you know I have been venturing in the very low carb ranks of paleo for quite some time. I’m starting to see results. I feel great. I avoid starchy vegetables and fruits. I steer clear of dairy, grains and gluten. I’ve even kicked the nuts out for a while… but I’ve kept some seeds. I don’t obesses about food all day. I enjoy fasting with my butter coffee until lunch. I have energy and I’m focused. For now, this is going well. I don’t think…

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Huevos Ranch: Green Casserole

Artisan Tropic When Artisan Tropics reached out to me I was pretty stoked. Not only because plantain chips are my favorite vice, but their cassava strips are the closest thing to potato chips I will ever be able to eat. For my AIP folks, their products are perfect! The cinnamon plantain chips are to die for, a fantastic sweet treat! I actually couldn’t help myself… I made two recipes. I really wanted to use the cinnamon plantain chips AND the cassava strips. I couldn’t make up my mind. Like a…

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Sweet Potato Merengues (Valentine’s Day Dinner)

I Was Not Prepared! Hiya folks! So I feel like Valentine’s day came out of nowhere this year. Not that the hubs and I celebrate it in any special way, more than a yummy dinner at home. With the January Whole30, and it felt like Super Bowl stuff came right after… poor little V-day just got forgotten. Maybe it’s also because it’s on a weekday this year. Anyway, I have a little romantic dinner spread shoot I have to do today. Really, filet mignon with a chocolate port wine sauce….

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Vampire Slayer Sweet Potato Mash

Ok, full disclosure, I need to photograph this recipe again. Alas, by the time I looked up from my cooking frenzy it was 6:30 PM and the sun was gone. So the one decent picture I got of this dish doesn’t even do it justice. UPDATE! I was able to take more photographs! Now that that’s out of the way… this mash is bombdotcom. I’ll be posting all sorts of Thanksgiving/Holiday type recipes for the next week or so. I want you to be able to create a killer spread…

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Sweet Potato White Turkey Chili

Soup Weather, Smoop Weather The weather seems to be cooling down in most parts of the world. Not here, but somewhere I’m told. All the soups, fall leaves, scarves and pumpkin- apple everything fill my social media feed. It’s quite lovely. So I’m just ┬ágoing to pretend that we have seasons here too. Even though eating a bowl of soup for lunch will probably give me the sweats, a girl can dream. This soup it totally worth the heat though. Luckily it makes a big batch because we had it…

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Ribbons & Bacon Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet Potato Toast Is The New Black Sweet potato toast are the new avocado toast… Didn’t you hear? HuffPostTaste said so… ok, that’s a self serving link, as they featured my Mahi Loaded Toast in it ­čÖé Yeah, I guess it’s debatable if these crunchy sweet potato rounds topped with yummy things are even “toasts” but the way I see it, who cares what it’s called, it’s delicious. Also, if calling it toast makes it “okay” to eat with my hands… it’s freaking toast. Who doesn’t love finger foods amiright!?!…

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Sweet Vegetable Pie

This beautiful pie is the food baby of my vegetable tarte tatin & my paleo apple pie…. and my love for caramelized root vegetables. A little on the time consuming side, but hey! All good things take time. This pie is perfect for holiday parties & brunch spreads. Super allergen friendly too! Can’t do cashews.. you can try making it with cauliflower cream. It’s also open to interpretation! This recipe will work with an array of flavor combinations. Meyer lemon, jicama & chili… carrots, ginger & whiskey… possibilities are endless….

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Rustic Roasted Vegetable Medely

I love simple side dishes like this. Array of texture, flavors & colors simply seasoned. Yields 6-8 servings Rustic Roasted Vegetable Medely15 minPrep Time 43 minCook Time 58 minTotal Time Save Recipe Print Recipe My Recipes My Lists My Calendar Ingredients2 sheet pans1 medium sized jicama4 small beets1/2 Japanese sweet potato1 medium celeriac root1 onion2 cups brussels sprouts2 tbsp coconut oil, melted2 tbsp ghee, melted1 tbsp Frontier Co-op Lemon Zest1 tbsp Frontier Co-op Mediterranean Herb Blend1 tsp Pink Himalayan SaltInstructionsPre-heat oven to 400F.Peel your jicama, and dice in to 1/4…

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Paleo Pajeon (Korean Pancake!)

This has always been a favorite of mine, but since going Paleo, the AIP I haven’t had it. My little sister is visiting and she was regaling about a lovely Korean dinner she had recently, how her favorite part is the pancake… and this it hit me…I can paleoize that! I didn’t have the traditional veggies, or even kimchi on hand, but I made do with some Okinawa sweet potato, cabbage, zucchini & green onion! 1.5 cups cassava flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 egg 1- 1.5 cup water 1/2…

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AIP Loaded Toast

All these fancy pants toasts are taking over the interwebs! Slathered with avocado, hummus, spirnkled with pomegranate… it’s just not fair I tell you. Well… gluten can’t have all the fun! Okinawa sweet potato lends itself nicely to toast because it’s so starchy and gets crispy and firm when cooked! So get to slicing, toasting and loading up because Paleo Toast is here to stay! AIP Loaded Toast Save Recipe Print Recipe My Recipes My Lists My Calendar Ingredients4oz of wild caught Mahi mahi1 lemon2 tsp dill1 tsp salt2 tbsp…

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