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Let’s Talk Whole30! (Meal Prep + Grocery List)

*I am not affiliated with Whole30! But I love the program and their team and all that they do for the paleo community! *Oh my gosh…I say “um” A LOT! *facepalm* Resources: Whole30 Homepage Food Freedom Forever What is the Autoimmune Protocol? What are nightshades? Why I eat low carb, this is not right for everyone, you have to figure it out for yourself, but this article explains my reasons.  This weeks Meal Prep + Shopping List! You can watch me cook on Instagram Stories this TUESDAY April 2, 2017…

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bacon eggs feature gluten free healthy fats keto low carb mayo paleo whole30 

Egg Roll Up: Bacon, Basil + Greens (Whole30, Paleo, Keto, LCHF)

Not My Genius Idea… But A Genius One None The Less! The first time I saw an egg roll up was from Eat Drink Paleo, and I was in AWE of the simple genius of the idea! The reshaping of whole food ingredients into a hand held, fun, delicious and filling meal… that right there is my jam! Case in point: my paleo sushi rolls. Luckily I always have eggs on hand. Then I just grabbed whatever else was lurking in my fridge. Bacon. Arugula. Oh, Basil! Mayo. A little…

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Mini Turkey Meatloaves with Plantain Crunch!

I bought some pepitas (peppy-tas) yesterday. I was really excited. I’ve kept my seed/nut intake to the few that I know I CAN eat without reaction. But recently I think I’ve reached another level of healing. I feel like I’m playing a video game and as I keep going on this Paleo Super Mario I gain powers like the ability to eat nuts, or run longer, lift heavier, eat pumpkin seeds. Ha! Weird analogy? Maybe. But it’s exciting when you feel healthy and you can trust your body to not…

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Bacon Wrapped Tuna Cakes

Albacore tuna has recently made a pretty big comeback in my diet. With options like Safe Catch brand which are tested for low mercury and use sustainable fishing methods, why not? Tuna is a great protein, and it’s really cost effective. Let’s be real, it costs more to eat healthy. Is that fair, moral, makes sense? No. But for some reason, in the country, real food costs more than packaged franken-food. As a single income family, I’m all about making those dollars stretch without having to give up delicious, healing,…

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner: Leftover Salad

I love being able to re-invent food, to take left overs and make it something completely different. For one thing it keeps thing interesting, and secondly it eliminates the gross factor. Anyone else get kinds grossed out by leftovers? Mostly fish and chicken give me the heeby geebies…. don’t know why. They just do. Chicken salad however… or anything coated in mayo is good to go. I love mayonnaise. True story. Back in my restaurant days I was the sauce queen, I would make aioli (fancy for mayo) of all…

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Grilled Sweet Potato Toast Loaded Burger

My air conditioning has been broken for three days. THREE days. Today they came to fix it, but no, they need another part and a three hour appointment to fix it. So, we’re cooking in here. Literally. It’s consistnely between 85-89 degrees in my house. I’ve been on a cooking strike. But I broke it for this beauty. Technically  I grilled it, all of it, so I still haven’t turned on my stove. Pre-Brands Grass Fed Beef sent me some product to play around with, and a fried egg burger…

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Low Carb Zucchini Fritters

Oodles of Zoodles! Lately zoodles are my BFF. They’re great for salads, as pasta substitute and come one, they’re fun to make! I can’t be the only one who has play-doh flash backs when cranking the spiralizer!?!? If you don’t have one yet and are wondering which one I use, it’s the Vegetti Pro. I like this one because it works really well, it has a suction cup thingy that sticks to the counter so you can apply adequate pressure when making the spirals, and it creates nice, even, long…

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Paleo Perfect Burger

‘Tis the season, burger season. Summer if officially here. Summer solstice was June 20th, my birthday, along with a full moon (aaauuuuu!!). I’m pumped for a great one! She has arrived. The hot, sweaty, sunny, fun season. Summer, when very weekend we fire up those grills, give that hot kitchens a break and take to our patios, decks and lawns, cold beverage in hand. I’m all for cooking outside, less dishes, better view and if we’re lucky a nice breeze. A juicy, flavorful burger is one of life’s simple pleasures, and one…

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Slow Cooked Carob Pulled Pork

I love pulled pork. From the ultra simple flavors of Kalua pork, clean and smoky, to the saucy mess that is bbq pulled pork. These days the later is a little difficult to come by, seeing as I can not eat most, or any store bought bbq sauces. You know, the whole I can’t eat tomatoes or any kind of pepper thing (nightshades, no bueno). Yes, I do make my own. Some times though, especially when the slow cooker is involved, you just want to keep it simple. For me…

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Salmon & Sweet Potato Cakes

There’s something about fish being fishy that really puts me off. Yet, I consider my self a fish lover. I will often order it when we go out, I love ceviche & sushi- but at home I’m weird about it. So I don’t often make it. I scored some wild caught salmon at a good price… what to do with it? I hate making meals that leave me feeling meh… then inspiration hit! Salmon cakes over salad… sweet potato & salmon cakes… and I’ll make a chive aioli… with poppy…

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