AIP Hidradentitis Suppurativa 

Food Intolerances, Pinnertest Review

Backstory If you read this blog, you know I have several food intolerance issues. They’re pretty much the reason this blog came about. I was 30 years old, I felt like shit and I decided to change my diet and lifestyle to fix that. My first elimination diet was a Whole30, my second was 4 months of the Autoimmune Protocol. I learned a lot about what foods I could not eat during that time. Giving up gluten and grains, that was easy. Going without eggs, nuts, seeds, tomatoes, eggplant, cumin,…

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Let’s Talk Whole30! (Meal Prep + Grocery List)

*I am not affiliated with Whole30! But I love the program and their team and all that they do for the paleo community! *Oh my gosh…I say “um” A LOT! *facepalm* Resources: Whole30 Homepage Food Freedom Forever What is the Autoimmune Protocol? What are nightshades? Why I eat low carb, this is not right for everyone, you have to figure it out for yourself, but this article explains my reasons.  This weeks Meal Prep + Shopping List! You can watch me cook on Instagram Stories this TUESDAY April 2, 2017…

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Plateaus, Hormones and The Liver

Paleo Rules One of my favorite things about the paleo community is how much information there is out there. Articles, research, and blog posts galore. Everyone sharing their knowledge and experiences. A lot of open discussions on what works for some folks and what works for others. It’s fantastic, when you’re new to paleo it’s like joining this club and everyone is really nice and they wants you to succeed. What happens when you run into uncharted territory? What happens when you no longer see yourself being represented in the…

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Hidden Veggie Beef Patties with Butternut Buns (AIP, Whole30, Paleo)

Wee- Morning Writing You’ll have to excuse me. This post might be a little low energy, but its about 5:30 am here and I haven’t had coffee. I’m a little jet lagged from my trip and I woke up really early, but skipped the coffee because I need to take my morning supplements on an empty stomach. You see, during my recent trip home I went to see my integrative medicine doctor. I was finally fed up with my conventional (military) healthcare as it wasn’t helping me. I had started…

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Basil Mango Zoodle Turkey Burgers (Whole30, Paleo!)

I MADE IT! Today is the last day of my HOLIDAY WHOLE30! I made it. I still had great time. Christmas was still Christmas without the cookies or wine. We ate well. We felt amazing. I’m bringing in 2017 feeling really fantastic, no crash diets or purging for me (not that I recommend that). Despite being on a Whole30, I will tell you this month has been rough. I  talked about that in my last post. Due to non-food related variables (read: stress) I had my first full blown autoimmune…

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Saucy Tamarind Shrimp

There’s this Cuban dish called “camarones enchilados” and it was one of my favorites. A saucy skillet of perfeclty browned onions and garlic swimming in rich tomato sauce with big juicy shrimp. Served over a bowl of white rice. That. Was. My. JAM! Keyword: WAS. Tomatoes are no long a part of my life. They were toxic and detrimental to my well being so I thought it best that we not see each other anymore. Sure it’s been difficult. Sometimes I really miss them, I have so many fond memories…

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Italian Breakfast Burger (AIP)

Easy Like A Sunday Morning Today began a little weird. My son, who is usually up before 7am, slept until almost 8am! That threw me off, I of course was still up at 6:30am, on Sunday, out of habit. When I didn’t hear a peep from his room I snuck in there to make sure he was still breathing. My husband laughs at me, but it’s a mom thing. Just to clarify, my son is three. It’s not like I’m sneaking in to my teenagers room. I’ve heard that is…

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Teppanyaki Mustard Sauce Chicken Thighs

I was jonesing for some teppanyaki …. Especially that divine creamy mustard sauce, so, I made my own 😍 Teppanyaki Style Chicken Thighs!   Yields Seves 4-5 Teppanyaki Mustard Sauce Chicken Thighs10 minPrep Time 15 minCook Time 25 minTotal Time Save Recipe Print Recipe My Recipes My Lists My Calendar IngredientsThe Sauce3 tbsp sesame oil (can use coconut oil)2 tbsp tahini1 tbsp liquid smoke (read label, make sure it doesn’t have color, sugar or molasses)1 tbsp mustard (again, check label)1/4 cup coconut aminos or gluten free soy sauce1/4 cup full…

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AIP Hidradentitis Suppurativa 

Coming out! Talking about my Hidradenitis Suppurativa & how AIP changed my life.

As of late I have been contemplating a lot about where I am. The last six months have been some of the most testing of my life. I have made enormous lifestyle changes. I have seen a lot of success, at times, and others were painfully frustrating- filled with relapses, flares and stand stills. Being a part of the online Autoimmune Paleo community has been one of my biggest comforts. Although, I don’t see my disease well represented in it- I know the reason… We, all of us who suffer…

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