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BLSS Salad: Bacon Lettuce Strawberry Salmon (Paleo, Whole30, Keto)

Versitile This is my ideal meal. All day, every day I would eat this combination of fresh, crunchy and creamy! More so than the bouquet of flavors in this salad, I love how versitile it is. You can serve it as an entree meal, it’s the perfect pot luck salad and it would accompany egg dishes beautifully among a brunch spread. It also makes a killer jar salad! Add the ranch dressing first, then your salmon, follolowed by the bacon, berries and greens. Close the lids and store away some…

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dressing feature gluten free healthy fats keto low carb whole30 

Egg Free Ranch Dressing (Dairy Free, Nut Free, Paleo, Whole30)

I was going to wait and post this recipe along with the superfod waffles… or the BLISS salad which are all coming to the blog in the next few days. But after thinking it over a while I realized this dressing needed it’s own post. Why Egg Free? Well, you asked for it! It’s something a few of you messaged me on Instagram about. I do listen you know 🙂 It’s also nut free. I was originally going to use cashews to make this, but then I gave up nuts……

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Grilled Thai Turkey Thighs (paleo, Whole30, low carb)

Grill The Unexpected! Move aside burgers. There’s a new grill staple in town! Living in Hawai’i it’s pretty much grilling season year round, so we like to keep things interesting. Turkey! So many different cuts; tenderloin, wings, breasts, ground, drumsticks! So. Many. Options. I actually had hard time to choosing which cut to highlight for this post for the National Turkey Federation. Turkey tenderloin medallions marinated in coconut aminos, ghee and rosemary, but then my grocer had these sexy looking thighs! If you haven’t checked out the National Turkey Federation’s…

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Huevos Ranch: Green Casserole

Artisan Tropic When Artisan Tropics reached out to me I was pretty stoked. Not only because plantain chips are my favorite vice, but their cassava strips are the closest thing to potato chips I will ever be able to eat. For my AIP folks, their products are perfect! The cinnamon plantain chips are to die for, a fantastic sweet treat! I actually couldn’t help myself… I made two recipes. I really wanted to use the cinnamon plantain chips AND the cassava strips. I couldn’t make up my mind. Like a…

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Turmeric Parm Chicken, Kale & Zoodle Salad with Greek Vinaigrette

Inspiration SpoonForkBacon blog shared a roasted chickpea and kale salad with tahini dressing the other day, and piles of Parmesan on top… not going to lie… it got me jonesing for some cheese. I steer clear of lactose, but most aged or hard cheeses are lactose free… so technically I could eat cheese all the time. I don’t though, I don’t want to open the flood gates, lol… you know what I’m talking about it! So… I indulge every now and then. Lactose? I looked this up, lactose is the…

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Stuffed Cabbage: Beef, Bacon & Ranch (oh my!)

Officially NINETEEN days until my December Whole30 is done, and I’m feeling good. Feeling strong. Feeling energized. For me Whole30’s are all about the little victories, and getting Primal Kitchen Whole30 compliant ranch in the mail is totes a victory! I immediately started thinking of a recipe for it… other than putting it on all my salads of course 🙂 Although crispy chicken ranch salad will be happening, SOON. Over the weekend I bought the cutest, tiniest little heads of cabbage. Perfect single portion babies. I am such a sucker…

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Warm Kale Bacon Salad with Apple Pecan Vinaigrette

I’ve been really thinking about fall salads lately. The kind of warm, delicious salad that would compliment a Thanksgiving spread. Growing up Cuban our Thanksgivings were far from traditional, usually boasting pork, rice and beans or sorts… along with a turkey! But now, my spread will be different in another way. Sure sweet potato mash will make a cameo, of course I’ll have a succulent bird, and my super healthy pumpkin pie… but paleo-fied recipes for stuffing, green bean casserole are so time consuming, and I know the rest of…

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Mediterranean Meatballs with Minty Cucumber Salsa

I’ve done quite a bit of stuff for PRE Brands now. How can I say no to amazing, grass fed beef!?!? Not only is their beef delicious, it’s the most tender I’ve ever seen. If you only need to know one thing about them, is that they are a Whole30Approved brand. For me that pretty much covers any “vetting” I would do. The Primal Option This time around they were pretty specific with the recipes they wanted me to create for them. I usually can make anything I please, and…

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Pesto-Churri Super Green Sauce

We often lump herbs and spices into a category of tasty things to make our food flavorful. These whole food seasonings are FOOD! Herbs pack lots of great nutrition. Did you know that Mint, Basil and Cilantro score the highest on the ANDI scale. Ok, I had to google that, so an ANDI score is a number given to whole food ingredients to rate how many nutrients per calorie they have. These babies have the most! Talk about PACKED with goodness. So I love this sauce because it’s tangy like chimichurri…

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner: Leftover Salad

I love being able to re-invent food, to take left overs and make it something completely different. For one thing it keeps thing interesting, and secondly it eliminates the gross factor. Anyone else get kinds grossed out by leftovers? Mostly fish and chicken give me the heeby geebies…. don’t know why. They just do. Chicken salad however… or anything coated in mayo is good to go. I love mayonnaise. True story. Back in my restaurant days I was the sauce queen, I would make aioli (fancy for mayo) of all…

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