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Keto Silver Dollar Pancakes (Dairy Free, Nut Free, Paleo)

  You guys.. you know I’ve been playing around with the idea of a Breakfast Recipe ebook! The good news is I have had lots of work lately, the bad news is, that work has put this ebook on the back burner… but I did share this Keto Silver Dollar Pancake recipe over at my friend Kydra’s blog; Peace Love and Low Carb! You can head to her page for the full recipe. LINK HERE. This one is a freaking masterpiece <3  Please follow and like us:400

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Banana Bread Pancakes (Super Fluffy, Nut Free, Paleo Pancakes)

Why Nut Free? I kind of avoided coconut flour pancakes for a while. I was convinced there could not be a fluffy pancake with such a dense flour. I digress. These bad boys are pancake perfection. I was asked to make nut free paleo recipes for a client, and I made a primal, chocolate version of these which a pretty ridiculous looking … like brownies! My low carb pancakes are usually my go-to made with almond meal, and they’re super delish. But I am always looking to make recipes that…

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Tom Yum Kung (Paleo, Whole30, AIP friendly)

Soup Day I set out to re-photograph my AIP Mahi Mahi Chowder … then realized I couldn’t use coconut milk because  the folks I was cooking for have a coconut allergy and then I just made a whole other soup. I think it’s so good though. A great AIP friendly option, which hey, leave out the cashew cream or add coconut milk if you want. It’s a soup kind of day around here. Crazy winds and rain. Crazy politics and I need to stay off of Facebook because I’m learning…

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Raw Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

  These little vegan-ish treats have been a staple at my mother’s health food restaurant going on eight years. They’re the perfect treat. Bite size. No bake. Healthy. Delicious. Pretty much compiled of a few super foods, these macaroons are nutrient dense too. They melt in your mouth. They’re rich. Just the right, satisfying size. Talk about the right way to indulge. Today I’ve made them using Truvia Nectar and they turned out better than ever. So amazing. Truvia Nectar is a seamless substitute for honey, with half the calories. Win-win!…

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Banana Bunny Breakfast Muffins

At my mother’s cafe in Coral Gables, Fl, Green Gables Cafe, they have been serving Morning Glory Muffins for as long as I can remember. Hearty muffins made with whole wheat flour, carrot, pineapple and brown sugar. They are amazing and decadent. Not only do I miss them because I live half way across the world, but because there is no way I would eat one now. Indulging in glutinous treats is just not an option for me. Yet, there is something about dunking a muffin in to a hot…

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AIP Carob Molasses Ice Cream

I had been hesitant to jump on the carob train. I’m a chocolate purist. As of late though, chocolate didn’t even seem that appealing to me. Was I sick? What was wrong? I think it was just my body telling me something. So as I passed the baking isle in Whole Foods I reached for the roasted carob powder instead of the raw cacao powder. So far, delish! This sweet treat was my first go around with it, and it did not disappoint. The addition of molasses gives it an…

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AIP Lemon Cookies

I have a sweet tooth. I always have. Despite the fact that I have not had refined sugar in over a year & that I often go weeks without sweets, the fact is, I like them and I love to bake. I don’t think I will ever separate food from emotions, no matter how many Whole30’s I do. I don’t even want to. Food is a passion. Food equates health, nurturing & creativity to me, and I love it. Last night, after my internal tug of war was over, I…

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You’re Kale In Me Cream

This Cream of Kale soup is packed with greens, rich, satisfying & oh so reminiscent of the dairy laden cream of spinach we all grew up enjoying. With a short list of super clean ingredients it’s the perfect addition to a weeknight meal! Yields 2 bowls You’re Kale In Me Cream10 minPrep Time 10 minCook Time 20 minTotal Time Save Recipe Print Recipe My Recipes My Lists My Calendar Ingredients4 bunches kale, de-stem4 garlic cloves, smashed2 onion, chopped8oz full fat coconut milk8oz bone brothSalt to taste2 tbsp coconut oil1 tsp…

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Bacon Apple Stuffed Meatball over Sweet Potato Strings with Dill Mayo Cabbage Slaw

Seriously, is that even a title? I have nothing in the way of witty names for this dish… it’s just delicious, healthy & satisfying. Sometimes weekdays can get away from me. Too busy, too tired, too stressed… and then nada… no amazing meals happen. This blog really is what we eat at home. I don’t get paid for this, there is no extra food budget to play with. That said, I truly try to make every meal an occasion, every meal blog worthy… it’s just much more fun! This meal…

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Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Muffins (Paleo!)

I’ve been missing chocolate a lot lately. I think it’s because I’m feeling so much better & I know that chocolate isn’t a trigger food for me. What is? Sugar! Major trigger. I’m not a fan of using sugar substitutes… BUT in scarce moderation, sugar substitutes derived from plants, that don’t spike my insulin are OK. In this recipe I use Erythritol, used in large amounts it can have negative effects on digestion. Large amounts are not used in this recipe, and I do not consume erythritol everyday, so I…

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