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Asian Meatza (dairy free, paleo, keto, Whole30)

If you read my last post… which you can HERE. You know I’m on my 5th Whole30! Whoot Whoot! I posted my meal prep + grocery list on there too! Trying to be super organized for me and helpful for you all this round! So far, crushing it…. but it’s only day 2 (haha). What I LOVE about this MEAZTA (meat + pizza) is that it’s super flavorful and different than anything else out there. There’s come cauliflower hidden in the crust. The nutty, tangy sauce thickens to a creamy…

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15 Minute Cauliflower Carbonara with Dorot! (Paleo, Low Carb, Keto)

The Little Gems of The Freezer Isle I use A LOT of garlic. At least three cloves in most of my meals. It’s a hassle. For some reason, no matter if I just cleaned the kitchen and/or the floor, prepping garlic and herbs for my meals is like instant disaster. How can these tiny, tasty little things get EVERYWHERE?!?!?! Seriously, it blows my mind. Anyway, enter DOROT! When I got the email to work with them I was delighted, and then kind of perplexed that I hadn’t seen Dorot at…

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Nutty Bacon Squash Toast (SCD, Whole30, Paleo)

The Bread Free Toast First it was avocado toast, then it was the sweet potato toast… which not to brag, but I had a few of mine featured on Buzzfeed & Huffington Post. Okay. That was bragging. Well forget about those because we have a new toast in town. Many of you know, I try to keep things relatively low carb around here, it keeps my gut happy. Although I do allow myself sweet potatoes and other starchy produce every few days. A few weeks ago I saw a post…

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Caramelized Butternut Squash Soup with Avocado Cream

I have never been a soup person. I always preferred to chew my food, despite the fact that my mother made amazing soups. Seriously. I have talked about this before, her killer home cook skills that eventually pushed her to open a restaurant. What started out as a little hole in the wall with two tables, is now a full scale farm to table cafe, thriving, now celebrating nine years of success. Cool, right? Well, one of the things Green Gables Cafe is famous for are the soups! They still…

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Lemon Thyme Custard

A Little Bowl of Nostalgia Growing up my mother always made us natilla, especially in the winter time. Not that is was super cold in Miami in the winter, but for us warm blooded Cubans, those chilly nights in the 50F’s waranted something extra yummy. I’m pretty sure most people let their custard cool off and then let it set in the fridge. We always had it warm, straight from the pot in a sort of spoon sword fight with my sister, or quickly distributed in mugs and gobbled up hot,…

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Tuna Zoodle Casserole

My husband loves tuna noodle casserole. I have to admit, I didn’t even know what it was until I met him. It’s just one of those things, like many American comfort food staples, we didn’t have in my house. My parents are Cuban, they immigrated to this country in the eighties. While I don’t think my moms cooking was very representative of Cuban cooking, she had her own style, it definitely didn’t include casseroles. I like to think of my mother as my greatest teacher. I inherited her passion for…

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Two Bite Protein Cheesecakes (No Bake!)

I’m a big fan of getting the most out of your treats. These little cheesecake bites are packed with gut healing gelatin, good fats and Rootz Nutrition Super Food Paleo Protein! Slightly nutty, smooth, vanilla… The flavor is delicious and they’re super easy to make! Seriously, soaked cashews, a blender, some hot water and you’re in business. I love Rootz protein, it’s lactose free and I don’t react to any of its ingredients, it has a delicious, lightly sweet choco-nutty flavor and is made of top notch super foods like royal…

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