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Spiced Beef Bowls

bowls, bowls, bowls There’s just something about big, composed bowls, full to the brim with colorful veggies, saucy goodness and hearty protein. It’s definitely my favorite way to put together a meal. This bowl however has a a slightly different anatomy than your basic Buddha bowl. The base is a creamy mixture of browned beef with artichoke hearts and onion. Seasoned with garam masala, Chinese five spice, pink salt and black pepper and cooked down with bone broth and coconut milk.  Piled on top are simply seared vegetables. Asparagus and…

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Let’s Talk Whole30! (Meal Prep + Grocery List)

*I am not affiliated with Whole30! But I love the program and their team and all that they do for the paleo community! *Oh my gosh…I say “um” A LOT! *facepalm* Resources: Whole30 Homepage Food Freedom Forever What is the Autoimmune Protocol? What are nightshades? Why I eat low carb, this is not right for everyone, you have to figure it out for yourself, but this article explains my reasons.  This weeks Meal Prep + Shopping List! You can watch me cook on Instagram Stories this TUESDAY April 2, 2017…

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Sweet Potato Merengues (Valentine’s Day Dinner)

I Was Not Prepared! Hiya folks! So I feel like Valentine’s day came out of nowhere this year. Not that the hubs and I celebrate it in any special way, more than a yummy dinner at home. With the January Whole30, and it felt like Super Bowl stuff came right after… poor little V-day just got forgotten. Maybe it’s also because it’s on a weekday this year. Anyway, I have a little romantic dinner spread shoot I have to do today. Really, filet mignon with a chocolate port wine sauce….

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Hidden Veggie Beef Patties with Butternut Buns (AIP, Whole30, Paleo)

Wee- Morning Writing You’ll have to excuse me. This post might be a little low energy, but its about 5:30 am here and I haven’t had coffee. I’m a little jet lagged from my trip and I woke up really early, but skipped the coffee because I need to take my morning supplements on an empty stomach. You see, during my recent trip home I went to see my integrative medicine doctor. I was finally fed up with my conventional (military) healthcare as it wasn’t helping me. I had started…

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Stuffed Cabbage: Beef, Bacon & Ranch (oh my!)

Officially NINETEEN days until my December Whole30 is done, and I’m feeling good. Feeling strong. Feeling energized. For me Whole30’s are all about the little victories, and getting Primal Kitchen Whole30 compliant ranch in the mail is totes a victory! I immediately started thinking of a recipe for it… other than putting it on all my salads of course 🙂 Although crispy chicken ranch salad will be happening, SOON. Over the weekend I bought the cutest, tiniest little heads of cabbage. Perfect single portion babies. I am such a sucker…

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Creamy Beef & Rice Casserole (Whole30!)

It’s getting dark so early I’m often frustrated that I don’t have proper light to photograph and share my dinner meals. The other night I made the most delicious roasted asparagus topped with bacon and pecans. The combination was to die for. It lingered on my palate and had my mind all a buzz with ideas to showcase duo! Enter my son’s school Advent Garden Candle lighting ceremony. The perfect potluck opportunity to take a new dish! So I got my creative juices flowing and the test kitchen was in…

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Pumpkin Sage Mini Meatloaves

This is one of those easy peasy recipes that you will make a few times before you just know it by heart and even start making your own versions. The possibilities are endless with things like this. I love them because they’re a fast batch cook protein option that I can store in the fridge and heat up for lunch. Great over greens, chopped up in to stir fry, or even alone as a hearty snack. Perfect timing with these babies too as I’m starting my 4th Whole30. One awesome…

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Beefed Up Fried Rice!

Good Meat I made this recipe for Pre Brands Beef. I love them. Not only are they super nice folks, but their grass fed beef is top notch. Seriously. The best. Recently they contracted me to develop a few recipes for them, which I’m thrilled to do. Any chance to play with good meat, I’m all over it. Ok, I’m aware of the suggestive nature of my last sentence. Ha! Would it be highly inappropriate to throw out an “that’s what she said”? I swear, I’m a total feminist…. with…

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Delicata Squash Super Gyro Sliders

Because we have to eat between now and Thanksgiving… So, I made you something.  This. Holy moly. This. The perfect combination of fall meets summer bbq. Perfect for gameday. Perfect for putlucks. Succulent, beef patties loaded up with AIP compliant Primal Palate Super Gyro seasoning ( a blend of: Pink Himalayan Salt, Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme & Garlic) and bacon fat. Stacked up on a roasted delicata squash ring with mashed avocado, cilantro and bacon. Pretty no fail if you ask me. Want to sweeten the deal even more? This whole…

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Asian Quinoa & Beef Bites

Another fun recipe for PRE Brands Grass Fed Beef! I know the verdict is still out on quinoa. Seed? Grain? Seed? Grain? Pseudo-grain? Really? These are super hearty and tasty and the perfect lunch box item. Also… you can OMIT THE QUINOA and use sesame seeds (or a mix of sesame and flax or chia) seeds instead for a totally paleo and Whole30 compliant version. Whoot Whoot.                                              …

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