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20+ AIP Appetizers & Other Super Bowl Bites!

Just because you’re kicking ass at healing your body, doesn’t mean you can’t host a killer Super Bowl Party!

In my opinion, the food is always the best part. Serve up these goodies and your guests won’t even notice they’re chowing down on some healing bites while enjoying the big game.

*I’m pretty sure I checked every recipe for compliance or at least a compliant option. If I missed something, it’s ok, I’m human, just use your best judgement. Thanks! 


Pan Fried Apricot & Tuna Salad Bites 

 Mango Glazed Chicken Wings

 Mini Zucchini & Beef Sliders

Lechon Asado (Cuban Pulled Pork)

Kale Guacamole

Paleo Sushi with Salmon & Avocado

 Sweet & Sour Wings 


 Tuna Basil Bites

 Paleo AIP Sweet Potato Toast

 Avocado Prosciutto Stuffed Mushrooms

 Bacon Wrapped Artichoke Hearts


AIP Bread

 Mediterranean Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza 

 Blueberry Tart 

 Coconut Date Rolls

Instant Pot Chocoalte Cake (from the AIP Instant Pot Cookbook)

Egg Rolls with AIP Options

Keto + AIP Tzatziki 

Butternut Bun Sliders

 More Recipes…..

Korean Pork & Tangy Slaw, Grazed & Enthused  

Apple Pie Fries, Grazed & Enthused 

Snow Ball Cookies, Grazed & Enthused 

Dinner Rolls, The Curious Coconut 

Raw Avocado Pudding, The Curious Coconut 

Egg Free Bacon Muffins, The Curious Coconut 

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  1. Carol
    The Empanadas Recipe - Are you aware that it has to be purchased? You have to join her club - which is not free. BTW, the club is currently closed.
    1. ah! I missed that. Not to worry! I have an AIP empanada recipe which I forgot to add to the round up! Here is it:

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